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International Cooperation Advisory

The fall of Berlin Wall and the dismantling of the Soviet Union were two milestones that denoted the end of a bipolar order, marked by the Cold War and establishing in the mid-1990s, a new international dynamic, where international relations analysts and academics from the area start to observe the increasingly recurring participation of these actors in the International System. Once the international scenario was fragmented, this situation allows that States, Municipalities and Non-Governmental Organizations emerge, what consequently made the diplomacy suffer a spillover, thus reaching different subnational levels, which is kwon like federative diplomacy or popularly known as paradiplomacy.

The federative diplomacy is an elderly phenomenon in such a way that before the consolidation of the Nation-State, Germany, several provinces, duchies and principalities carried out diplomatic actions with other countries in the attempt to maintain themselves in the power arrangement of the time. At the end of the bipolar order, state and municipal initiatives can emerge increasingly stronger at the international level, consolidating relations with other countries and creating ad hoc groups and action groups in international organizations like was United Nations Organization (UNO), the development of international area inside a Municipality became extremely relevant for the City have tools and specialists which are able to perpetuate initiatives and provide visibility in International Community and in Global Value Chains.

By taking this new dynamic into account, the Jundiaí Municipality has created in 2001, the International Cooperation Directory, which nowadays was reframed by Municipal Law, no. 8763 on March 3rd 2017, the International Cooperation Advisory (ACI) is assimilate by Special Advisory Center from Civil House Management Unit. The Advisory was created to promote the approximation between Jundiaí with the most diverse international entities; present the market opportunities for the entrepreneurs on the region; stimulate the mid, small and micro companies internationalization and among others, encourage the implementation of joint actions aimed at the international area.

Main Goals

  • To promote the approximation between the Municipality and international entities such as consulates, chambers of commerce and embassies, which certainly could insert the Municipality on International Community and looking for investment attraction and the cultural and educational action on the region.
  • Present the market opportunities for the entrepreneurs on the region, in order to promote business and, mainly enable information for small and micro companies.
  • Make technical cooperation agreements and sister-cities agreements with other subnational entities from other countries.
  • Enable ways to carry out actions from other Management Units, Advisories and other Municipality entities, and search for ways to converge municipality actions with international organisms’ actions.